About Us

FeherGuard Products Limited was established in 1977 by its original owner and creator
Wayne Guard. FeherGuard designed and built the first solar cover reel in the pool
industry to make it easy to remove solar blankets from the surface of a swimming pool.

In 2007 FeherGuard was purchased and came under the umbrella of the Midwest Canvas
Corporation family of companies – manufacturing many varied swimming pool and spa
products. FeherGuard offers reliable pool reels, tube sets and accessories to service “pool
specific distributors” throughout Canada and the USA.

Quality is an integral factor considered by our purchasing team to maintain our industry
wide outstanding reputation. We source the majority of our products in Canada and the
United States and take pride in saying our reels are North American made.

As pools and pool products evolve and become more sophisticated there are a number of
things that remain constant at FeherGuard, namely, its strong offering of dependable
products, dedicated customer service and committed leadership to maintain the
FeherGuard integrity and last and certainly not least, to ensure you as the pool owner are
happy with the purchase of our product.

Tools Required

- Safety Glasses

- Tape Measure

- Pencil & Scissors

- Adjustable wrench

- Portable Drill

*1/8" Pilot holes can be used on tube sets.